The relaxing private room.

Matsu no Ma

Matsu no Ma can be used as a private room for up to 35 people.

Default Layout
Layout example for chartered room

Private Room

All rooms, except the largest Matsu no Ma, Ume no Ma, Ran no Ma, are in “horigotatsu” style, where sunken areas are made under the tables on the tatami straw mat floors, to provide comfortable leg room.

Ume no Ma
Ran no Ma
Kiku no Ma
Take no Ma
Take no Ma (table and chairs)

Feature of private room

Private RoomsSpaceCapacityRoom Charge
Take no Ma8.2m21 – 4 people¥3,300 / 2 hours
Kiku no Ma9.9m22 – 6 people¥3,300 / 2 hours
Ran no Ma9.9m22 – 6 people¥3,300 / 2 hours
Ume no Ma13.2m22 – 8 people¥3,300 / 2 hours
Matsu no Ma46.2m28 – 35 people¥11,000 / 2 hours